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phet-logo.gifPhenominal Site for us all!    A perfect way to teach concepts with dynamic visual aids  Could be assigned as homework !

An Elevated Course Organization

Communication to parents

Parents are our best allies and friends. They want what we want; i.e. what is best for their children.
We need to accentuate that commonality, and shun any devisive tendencies. Sometimes teachers are encouraged to have minimal contacts with parents. This is a serious detriment to the best possible upbringing of our students. We must work together, teachers and parents, with the same touchstone in front of us: What is the best for their child?
Sometimes parents feel excluded and that fosters a need to feel influence; this can express itself as a confrontational style or a micro-managing outlook. They should not be excluded. They should not feel excluded.

Trust can and should happen. We can then both work with the child and this may save education.


 Student Notification

I give grades 4 times a quarter. This is about once every two weeks. It takes time but has the advantages of: no student lost without early and proper notification; interim grades calculated easily - 25 minutes; quarter grades calculated and marked in an hour; late work must be closed out every two weeks; student knows grade continually; parent knows grade frequently. It fosters the working together of the triad of teacher-student-parent.


Assignment sheet

Assignments are listed with points and letter grades earned; a turned-in check box is included.

Point Sheet

On the reverse side of the assigment sheet is the paper that students take home for signature - called the Point Sheet.

Grade sheet

Grade Sheet for Two-weekly grades
In my grade book I keep a page for each class for each two week period. Four sheets make up the quarter. I can flip back for quick reference.

Record keeping/Timesaving Tool      Seating Chart -writeable    Best Teaching Practice Award 2011*

One useful method is to cut a post-it down to about a 3/4" square; write one students name on it; do this for the entire class; then press them on a blank chart where the students are assigned; then, put the chart into a vinyl page sleeve and use a Water-soluble marker.

 Seating Chart to record most class events
Advantages: Students can be moved around quickly An water-soluble overhead marker can be used to mark on the chart;

Marks are later transfered to the gradebook- even by a helper; a damp towel readies the chart for its next use.
* Given by myself, the owner of all awards and all points in the Universe   (Most Improved given to each class each two week cycle and 1000 points given out every 2 weeks to each studen! What Largess!


Physical Science

Light Ray Diagrams great optics tutorial - convex lens ray diagrams
Physics virtual lab  
Phytsics2 Univ of Florida    Many simple diagrams with questions

Space & Earth Science

Galileo Probe NASA
Unidata - geosciences data services

Life Science

Medical Searches

General Resources 

Exploratorium in San Francisco The oldest science center
Science centers
Discovery Channel Online version
LBNL ELSI Home Page Ethics in Science - Labs for Middle Schools
SargeantWelch Home Page. Catalog, their resources, some non-commercial.


Especially good labs for use in Physical Science
  1. Thermocline lab - Aim bunsen burner at surface of water in beaker for say 10 min. Then use thermometer to measure temp at different depths. Graph the 
      2.  Play outside near end of year with all the funn toys of physics.  A list of some we used:

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