5.  Friction 

GraphTemperatureonFriction.jpgDSCF0019.JPG GraphSoaponFriction.jpg

Potential vs. Kinetic Energy

4. Definitions   Kinetic Energy    GPE    KE/PE Lab      Problems     Energy Word "Hangman"    Home Demos -extensive    Calculate g using a pendulum - Lab

 280px-Newtons_cradle_animation_book.gif RollerCoaster madness  MVC-019F.JPG  KDPEND2.jpg Dscfd541.jpg PEKEvernalfalls.jpg


         5.  Motion Notes                   Applying Motion Vocabulary wks  

Excellant lecture Ideas - don't miss mushingcart.jpg Overhead to check understanding of 3 laws
Lecture demos for all of mechanics

1st Law teaching ideas
 2nd Law ideas  
Distance Time & Velocity Time Graphs doc


Simple Machines

6.  Simple Machine Comparisons - Mechanical Advantage  a .pdf file


Simple machines are used by inventorsToolbox of Simple machines

Simple Machine ActivitiesActivities with Simple MAchines

Simple Machines Introduction mikids.gif Leonardo's Mysterious machinesleonardo's Mystery Machines Game


Inclined Planes Levers Wheel & Axle Gears Pulleys
wedge.gif BPTSPAW.GIF lever.gif Wheel & Axle - Valuable Simple Machine key_unlock_b.gif  GearsTwo.gif

Possible Homework:  Make a table of at least 10 levers in a single room of your house. Name them or describe their use. Tell what Class lever. Sketch each one. Put an informative title on the paper and turn it in.  




                                               7.    Use Physics in Sports  Teach it to other players



The Physics of Sports

Topend  Sports  & Science

Topend  Sports & Biomechanics

Topend  Sports and Mechanics by Sport
Physics of Football - narrative 

Physics of Football-HTW site 

Vollyball and Gravity

Vollyball and Acceleration
  biker.gif  tennisto.gifsport1.gif 


Send in ideas    Automobiles


  Simple Machines used in Cars 

by recommendation of Lexington Middle School

The Automobile:
A downloadable powerpoint  Created by Juanita Pritchard, Cobb County Public Schools
July 2008


Heat Engines

 9.   Heat Engine  - A converter of heat energy to mechanical energy

4-Stroke Gasoline Engine  animation4-cyl.gif
4-Stroke Gasoline Engine annimation -another

Steam Engine Annimation

Learn how the basic engine of the Industrial Age works

Projectile Motion

                                                                                  10.   Projectile Motion


Physics Classroom - 3 Types of Projectiles
Classic Thought problem
Application of Shoot a Falling Monkey (teacher)

Newton"s Cannon

Hey Hue

Simple Machine Lesson Plans recommended by teacher Jackie Carson

Self-test on Identifying  Simple Machines in daily life by Mr. W  Harrisonberg PA