Nature of Heat

1. What is Heat?   Its Nature    What is Heat   Facts -clear Heating Molecules moving molecule model   Heat Units converter

2.  Heat vs. Temperature  How are they different?   Gas Molecular Motion 

How Heat Spreads

3.  Spreading    2nd Law of Thermodynamics

4.  Transferring Heat - 3 ways        Facts -clear

5.  Conductors & Insulators           Conductors in the Kitchen     Specific Heat with calculatior  The biggest Thermos - A space shuttle's problem

6.  Hypo & Hyperthermia     
  Heat Index Map  Death from a little heat  Dehydrated Biker

Homework - Cook A Hot Dog 3 Ways Word 
 Hot Dog page

Build An Igloo

Home Insulation

Sport Overheating

Sport Heat Loss

Controlling Heat Flow

7.  Change of State   Phase Changes    New State of Matter Created 1995

8.  Heating & Cooling in car, work, & home                                               AC   Chillers    Heat Pump    Explained         How Air Conditioners Work     Car Cooling      Heat Pump       How Heat Pumps Work   Ground Heat Exchange     Evaporative coolers

Car's Cooling System


Heat Pumps

9.  Thermal Expansion  Expansion  Prevent Backflow   Materials Compared

10.  Thermometers         About temperature- complex, clear discussion  Facts     Temperature Scales    Quick Topics on Heat


thermalexprails.jpg Home work
3 Scales

11.  Insolation - small & really big   Heat Map of North America
Wear Dark in the winter
Cool the Roof       Heat Flow Wind, Weather, & Currents

Possible Extra Credit Project  - El Nino

12.  Cool Applications & Hot     Heating Cables   Heat the Floor


Buried heating lines

Gel cooled clothing


Heat to sound to electrical energy