Fundy -The Tides


Science Ideas  

Why are there tides?
When are they the most extreme?
Why does Fundy have the biggest tides in the world?
Just where is The Bay of Fundy?
How do people get used to it?

Useful Links

Visualization Aids  Gulf of Maine Aquarium  Tides study page 


Fundy Tides -Wild & Famous*   See 10 hours of tidal movement in 5 minutes. Discover impact of extreme tides -a 40 ft vertical range -as you learn about tides!

Fundy Project 

mp4 file is downloadable  (4:54 min playing time  109Mb file - for small devices)

* a large avi files is downloadable  4:54 min playing time and 1.08GB file for large screen)

A 20-minute Science DVD is available for individual teachers to use for free. ($5 S&H)

Institutions must get a license.

A still image sequence of adjacent Hall's Beach slides every 20 minutes of the 40ft vertical rising tide



the .m2v file is downloadable

(2 min long 29Mb)


Fundy Tides-Wild & Famous 

A 21 minute DVD with three tempos and sound track

A 4:54 minute Large Screen version - downloadable above

A 4:54 minute Small screen version - downloadable also

Hall's Beach   A 2 minute rocky shore still sequence  downloadable here


A one-time license fees for any or all in series

1-5 schools   free

6-15- schools  $75

16-25 schools  $150

more than 25 schools  $250 email to arrange

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