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Fun homework in Word format to download

Argonne Nationl Laboratory Scientists
Jean Massieu Academy
 in Grand Prairie, Texas recommends this link for resources and info about Water
Chemistry Glossary


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  Density 5 problems -
 download the problems in Word format. Download the Solved answers to see how you are doing or see an Answer page here
120density.GIF Density as a Way of Life -
 Worksheet   Answers in Word  or pdf
Archimedes Principle


Atomic Theory Lecture Notes filled in  Word2000  Html  pdf  Partial Chemical Symbols Practice- Html, or Word Please print out and complete this practice on symbols

All Symbols Practice - Html or Word   Please print out and complete this practice on all symbols:
Mendeleev - How Table was done
Simple Quantum View of Hydrogen cloud ground state of energy, H cloud excited state, and Carbon p orbitals ground state.C
Electron cloud of atom
Ethane molecule
Atoms in a Box -
 electrons as clouds; iPhone ap, not free
Electron Energy Levels  advanced Tough, but good to try
A puzzle of unknown worth
Slideshow -background info
History of the Periodic Table


Excellent & clear
Los Alamos Lab   Uses & Sources

Table shows details about each element:  discoverer, electron arrangement, m.p., more

                                               Shows States Of Matter

                            fun - Advanced

           What a concept!

WebElements  has detailed info about each element
Chemical - Online Periodic Table of the Elements
Environmental  & Health Information Flash Version from


Free - Learning Electron Arrangement Software:
Compressed for quick download, Needs unzipping!    Atoms.exe - not zipped, but 2.7Mb in size Atomszip.exe is compressed to 162Kb
zipped self-executing,  file Gain knowledge of electrons in atoms and ions. 408kb Courtesy of former student Jim P.  VBrun300.dll File sometimes needed to assist windows

Learning electron in smaller stoms

Chemical Reactions Lecture notes   pdf file

 Chemical Reactions Practice page 1 Answers

Chemical reactions Practice page 2 answers
Balancing Chemical EquationsBalancing Chemical Equations 
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Build a Molecule!!   BuildBuild a Molecule
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      Learn Common Conversions        MetricConversion.jpg
 Common Conversions
Metric.html  Please read to the Prefixes section

 Metric.html  Please read the rest of the lesson and  Do questions 1-10 found at the bottom of the web page. Answer on a sheet of paper. Check your answers. Score your paper and turn it in in class. Show the number you missed at top. Beg for some credit.
                  Test yourself!

                Practice Test C
                Practice Test D
              -Word doc or  Pdf FILE


Salts & Solubility
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What is Solubility?  Why do things dissolve?
Making Candy
Hardball Stage video clip
 Hard ball: Syrup dropped into ice water may be formed into a hard ball which holds its shape on removal but is still plastic.


Distilling Gasoline from Crude Oil Fuel Cells are amazing energy sources!

      RADIOACTIVITY   Einstein knows

Radioactivity Three Types of Radiation         LBL Three Types Mass Disappears! 
  Decay Half-life   Unsolved Mysteries of The Universe
Nuclear Structure, Radioactivity Particle Adventure Sub-atomic Particles What holds the protons and neutrons together to form the nucleus? 
What are the forces involved in the radioactive decays of nuclei that make alpha, beta, and gamma rays? Try The Standard Model Path: An introduction to the fundamental particles and forces. -well written & pretty hard
Build That Nuclide,, is shareware to practice nuclear structure. A big download at 1MB, it needs unzipping.


 As a PDF file history-universe-08.jpg

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